Timpus academy is a school for the elite but there is a difference between this school and other schools, not everyone who attends this academy is human but it's up to you how they get along.
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 De Luca, Elias

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Elias De Luca

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PostSubject: De Luca, Elias   Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:41 am

{{• Back to Basics

First Name: Elias
Middle Name: Leo
Last Name: De Luca
Nicknames/Alias: Eli, Luca
Age: 16
Birthday: February 29th
Gender: Male


{{• Let's Get Physical

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 150lbs
Build: Thin and lightly built
Skin tone: Creamy ;P
Race: Halfbreed (Inu/Human)
Notable markings: None
Overall Appearance: Elias has long sliky blond hair that reaches just under his shoulder blades. He usually likes to wear his hair up when he's relaxing or focusing on something. The only time he actually wears his hair down is when he is hosting. There are several silver ring earings along both ears and he has long canines due to being half Inu. His eyes are a soft green which are framed nicely by his long bangs.


Element: Earth

Special ability: Possession
Special Ability Description: Possession is Elias' ability to create an atomosphere in which others will be wiling to do as he says. He does not actually possess another but he becomes incredibly convincing that most will agree to his favors without any knowledge of what they have done.

Weapon(s): Chain Sickle
A normal chain sickle with a lengthy chain and a black blade with a streak of white running across it. The handle has a white ribbon wound tightly around it and decorated with three small sapphires.


{{• The Persona

Elias is very outgoing and is very social. He dislikes being alone and would rather hang out with a friend or at least pick on some unsuspecting nerd. He along with this talkative side of him he also very flirty and tends to hit on most anyone he finds attractive, however he does not believe in love and is always just looking for fun. He tends to get bored easily and dislikes doing class work or studying which usually leads to him being lazy or slacking off. At times though Elias can be very serious and insightful, he'll stand up to those who oppose him and will not take no for an answer.
Goals: Pass his classes, make as many friends or enemies as possible to keep things interesting, and to earn enough money to pay off his family's debts.
Likes: Interesting people, adventures, and relaxing.
Dislikes: School, lectures, being scolded, being told no, and boring people.
Bad Habits: Tends to overlook people if they do not stand out to him, gets in trouble a lot for being too flirtatious
Fears: People losing interest in him, growing old, and failing classes.


{{• History
Mother: Cristina De Luca
Father: Manuel De Luca (deceased)
Siblings: Naomi De Luca (older sister)
Other Relations: None
History: Elias originally lived in Italy with his parents Manuel and Cristina, and his older sister Naomi who is 6 years his senior. It was a pretty normal life and Elias and Naomi did very well in school and both his parents had healthy lives and jobs. However, when Elias was 11 his father was killed trying to break up a street fight. Cristina was drowned in depression while Naomi was only inspired to work harder. After two years, when Elias was 13 his mother had emersed herself in gambling and debts and had also began to date again. Naomi had left the house to pursue her love of fine arts. Cristina's debts were always large amounts and she would resort to her boyfriends to help pay them off. Her boyfriends on the other hand were not completely what they appeared to be and Elias' childhood was scarred and taken from him at an early age due to their ulterior motives. Elias moved out at the early age of 16 to get away from his mother and her relationships, but he still loved his mother and wanted to help her with her debts so he took up a job as a host, which was easy for him for his lack of belief in love. He then came to Timpus in persue of a better career and to save his mother.
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Sayuri Kaiya
Sayuri Kaiya

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PostSubject: Re: De Luca, Elias   Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:49 am

Looks good ^^

To hide yourself from the world is the greatest lie of all . . .

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De Luca, Elias
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