Timpus academy is a school for the elite but there is a difference between this school and other schools, not everyone who attends this academy is human but it's up to you how they get along.
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 Mitcham, Talon

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Talon Mitcham
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PostSubject: Mitcham, Talon   Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:58 am

{{• Back to Basics

First Name: Talon
Middle Name: Sean
Last Name: Mitcham
Nicknames/Alias: None
Age: 18
Birthday: May 20th
Gender: Male


{{• Let's Get Physical

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 175 lbs
Build: His build his muscular but rather thin and lithe
Skin tone: Pale white
Race: Lion Demon
Notable markings: Checkered tattoos on hi forearms, pierced ears and eyebrows, as well as a large black tattoo of a phoenix that goes all across the plain of his back.
Overall Appearance: Talon has dark brown hair that slowly turns black as it reaches the tips. He has two longer strips of hair that fall to his shoulders. He usually keeps his hair spiked and messy which only exaggerates his brilliant yellow eyes even further. His pale skin highly contrasts with the sharp black tattoos along his body as well as the darker clothing he tends to wear, often with spiked belts, chains, and bracelets. He also has to dark black lion ears that barely peek out of his spike hair and a long tail with a tuff of black fur on the end as well.


Element: Fire
Special ability: None
Special Ability Description:

Weapon(s): None
Weapon description:


{{• The Persona

Talon is a completely spoiled brat who gets what he wants when he wants it. He has little to no consideration for other peoples feelings and is quite selfish. However, besides all of that he is quite intelligent and manipulative and will mess with people and hurt their feelings simply to entertain himself. He is rather sadistic. He gets easily bored and does not like being alone, he may be a very independent person but he prefers to be with people to keep him from getting bored. On top of all this, Talon is also incredibly lazy and will usually bully or pay someone to do his work for him.
Goals: Get by without doing anything at all
Likes: Smoking, alcohol, sex, sleeping, and eating. The Basics.
Dislikes: Going to school, getting up early, doing homework or chores, having to be polite
Bad Habits: Rude and lazy
Fears: Not getting what he wants


{{• History

Mother: Kindra Mitcham
Father: Richard Mitcham
Siblings: Mollly Mitcham (24)
Other Relations:
History: Richard and Kindra Mitcham have an extreme abundance of wealth, the Mitcham name is very well known by other aristocratic families. Oppose to actually spending time with their children, Molly and Talon would receive what ever gifts they wanted from their parents and so formed their selfish and demanding attitudes. Talon could easily make friends because he was always very manipulative, but never felt very close to anyone and would often hurt them on purpose. This became a routine for him, to find a new friend each year and constantly plan until the end of the year, using them all along for benefits, then completely annihilating their reputation. Sometimes so much so that his entire family would have to move away and the boy would be kicked out of school, since he did go to a very prestigious private school. He also uses girls quite often for sexual pleasures whenever he likes, and finds he is never rejected.
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Mitcham, Talon
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