Timpus academy is a school for the elite but there is a difference between this school and other schools, not everyone who attends this academy is human but it's up to you how they get along.
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 Tamashi, Chiba

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Chiba Tamashi

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PostSubject: Tamashi, Chiba   Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:59 pm

They say there's no such place... as Paradise.

First Name: Chiba
Middle Name: -
Last Name: Tamashi
Nickname(s): Chi / Chi-chan
Age: 17 (Technically 4)
Birthday: February 29th
Race: Half-breed
Position: uke

Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there.
Appearance: Chiba looks much like his mother, aside from his eyes and height. He is slightly taller than his mother and has almost amber coloured eyes. His hair is a sandy blonde that is always a little messy, his somewhat floppy puppy ears poking out from it. He has a somewhat long tail at his lower back in a matching colour. He has soft, creamy skin that rarely is interrupted by a blemish of any sort since he takes care of himself. He has a lean, but well toned build because of his playing of soccer for almost 3 years.

No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on.
Personality: Chiba is energetic and very outgoing. He cares a lot about his family and friends, and will not hesitate to do someone a favor. However, he is also very perceptive and can tell if someone is intending to take advantage of him or do something wrong. When such things occur he will often scold the person. However, Chiba can also be very defensive, especially when it comes to his friends and especially his sister and Armel. He doesn't like to fight, but is loyal and very willing to defend someone in need. Because of his attitude and the sports he plays he is very popular with girls, and boys alike.

  • Soccer
  • Books/ sports magazines
  • being around other people
  • warm seasons

  • winter
  • bullies
  • people making stupid decisions

But in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it?
Element: Lightning

Explanation & Limits of Gift: Doesn't like to use it so it's very untrained and weak.

Explanation of Weapon(s): None.

A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."
Parents: Nobu & Christophe Tamashi

Siblings: Noel Mitcham (older brother), Talon Mitcham (Brother in law), Kimiko Tamashi (twin sister)

History: Chiba grew up in a very loving and close family. Because of his twin sister, Kimiko, he was never alone even after their brother Noel moved away to live with their now brother-in-law, Talon. He became interested in sports and physical activities when he was taught to skate by his mother and quickly took up sports like soccer and basketball. He still decided to continue skating with his mom since it improved his balance, but other than that he disliked most winter sports.
Even after he started doing separate things from his sister he was never lonely as he had plenty of friends and often saw Armel a lot. Armel was his nephew technically, but he never really considered him to be like that with him so he only would bring it up if he was teasing him or something. Around 9th grade he became a bit curious about things like sexuality. He knew his parents were both men obviously, and that his brother was gay as well, but he wasn't sure what he himself was. He really just didn't care about that kind of thing. He figured if he fall in love with someone, their gender wouldn't matter. He still supports this decision to this day, though he has been dating his girlfriend for little over 6 months. He's well aware that not all high school loves last forever.
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Tamashi, Chiba
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