Timpus academy is a school for the elite but there is a difference between this school and other schools, not everyone who attends this academy is human but it's up to you how they get along.
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 Entskii, Sasha

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Sasha Entskii

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PostSubject: Entskii, Sasha   Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:20 pm

They say there's no such place... as Paradise.

First Name: Sasha
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Entskii
Nickname(s): None
Age: 22
Birthday: August 24th
Race: Polar Bear Demon
Position: Seme

Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there.
Appearance: Sasha stands at 6'' and has a fairly lean but slim build, his muscles are more compact and hug his body, he waist about 150lb. Sasha's hair soft bluish-black hair is always trimmed short out of habit. His eyes are a soft, dull grey-blue, his skin a nice olive-tan. His face harbors some of the feminine beauty that can be seen in his father, Yuki, while still appearing masculine in his more defining features. Two, white, fluffy ears are always perfectly groomed and standing from his hair, his white tail is always a constant blur.

No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on.
Personality: Sasha is a very nice guy. A legit nice guy. Not the guy who's really nice to girls but is actually a dick, and not the kind of guy who is a nice guy all around only because he thinks that girls like that. Sasha is a nice guy because that's who he is. He's always very kind and helping, never wanting to pressure people or make them uncomfortable. Don't mistake him for a people pleaser though, he wont be fake or pretend to be something he's not he is himself which is simply respectful. Overall he is very laid back and easy to get along with, very social. Sometimes he gets a bit too overbearing about making everyone else comfortable that he tires himself out or never thinks for himself. He also forms connections with people too fast and finds himself much more committed to relationships than the other. In romantic relationships most would describe him as clingy and needy, however he responds this way because Sasha has never had the affection he desires, the affection he so generously provides others with.

  • Being around people.
  • Helping others.
  • Reading.
  • Playing games, any games.
  • Meeting people.

  • Rude people.
  • People who are never able to be serious.
  • Inconsiderate people.
  • Doing Laundry.
  • Actually, any domestic chores or duties.

But in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it?
Element: Ice

Explanation & Limits of Gift: None

Explanation of Weapon(s): None

A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."
Parents: Yuki Rin, Korrin Entskii

Siblings: Kaz Rin, Unkown

Sasha was born in the same facility that Sasha had been raised in. His mother had not wanted to mate with Yuki, nor did she want to bare a child but the scientists had other ideas. However, after birthing Sasha she quickly grew to love him and named him Sasha after her dead brother. Korrin, unlike Yuki, had come from the outside world and was taken to the facility when she was 17. She had gone to the hospital to have surgery on her lungs, and when she recovered speedily the facility decided to take her for testing and simply told her family that the surgery was unsuccessful. She then had Sasha at 19. He grew up hearing stories of the outside world though to him, living in his sheltered facility, it sounded like fiction. When he was 5 however, he and his mother were given the chance to escape, they took the risk despite the lethal consequences. They were successful and able to start a life. Sasha was able to attend school and finish highshool. After high school he had to go directly into the workforce though he hopes one day to be a digital designer.

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Entskii, Sasha
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