Timpus academy is a school for the elite but there is a difference between this school and other schools, not everyone who attends this academy is human but it's up to you how they get along.
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 Daly, Dante

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Dante Daly

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PostSubject: Daly, Dante   Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:27 am

They say there's no such place... as Paradise.

First Name: Dante
Middle Name: Monroe
Last Name: Daly
Nickname(s): None
Age: 17
Birthday: January 16th
Race: Incubus/Inu
Position: Seme

Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there.
Appearance: Dante is one of the tallest of his friends, standing at 6'5" and has a rather strong but agile build with broad shoulders and slender hips. He has fairly fierce features with high cheek points and acute facial structures. His hair is very fine and soft, nearly like a newborns; it's snowy white and falls naturally over his his eyes. Beneath his bangs lie two fiery, golden eyes which are capable of carrying most of his expressions. Dante's skin is very pale and delicate. He also has white, pointed dog ears and a curly dog tail which he only shows around Koba.

No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on.
Personality: For most that do not know Dante or speak to him often he as seen as very quiet, fierce and stoic. Though he is very attractive he doesn't make friends with girls much since his intense aura usually scares them off. Dante's friends however know Dante to be extremely shy and soft spoken. He is very much the gentle giant with a kind and motherly nature. Because he is so shy you often relies on his friends to meet new people. His closest friends, aside from Koba, are Beau and Mako, he meshes with them most since their loud and outgoing personality makes up for his shyness.


  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Shikoba
  • Also, Shikoba. A lot.


  • Shikoba's Parents
  • Peer Pressure
  • Social Events
  • Upsetting Shikoba

But in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it?
Element: Ice

Explanation & Limits of Gift: Ice, Ice, baby.

A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."
Parents: Sebastian and Kimiko Daly

Siblings: None

History: Dante was raised in fairly normal household with a loving mother and father. Homosexuality was never a foreign concept to him since he and his father were Incubi, so when he developed a crush on Shikoba in kindergarten neither him nor his parents were phased for a second. And even though Dante wasn't uneasy with being gay himself, he was uneasy with how Koba might react to it. He knew Koba was raised in a very strict household and was very uncomfortable with the relationships of their gay friends, so he had to proceed with caution. Dante never even bothered dreaming of the day where he and Koba might be anything more than friends. Instead Dante decided to remain dutifully by Koba's side and never reveal his true desires to hold him though it is painfully obvious to those surrounding him. Makoto was one of his friends who was very aware of Dantes wants and needs as another Incubus. He was quick to take Dante under his wing and secretly fed him knowing Dante wouldn't want anyone else knowing lest Koba find out and abandon him. Dante's single want in life right now is to be allowed to forever be by Shikoba's side.
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Daly, Dante
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