Timpus academy is a school for the elite but there is a difference between this school and other schools, not everyone who attends this academy is human but it's up to you how they get along.
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 Lucero, Makoto

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Makoto Lucero

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PostSubject: Lucero, Makoto   Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:07 am

They say there's no such place... as Paradise.

First Name: Makoto
Middle Name: Alejo
Last Name: Lucero
Nickname(s): Mako
Age: 18
Birthday: December 3rd
Race: Neko/Incubus
Position: Seme

Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there
Appearance: Makoto has an appearance similar to that of his fathers. He was graced with fair skin and a clear complexion as well as soft ginger hair that perfectly frames his face which he allows to grow out, just reaching his shoulders. His sky blue eyes could stare a man down and melt him from across a crowded room. From the neko on his mother's side he developed a pair of fiery red cat ears that poke out from his long tendrils of hair and a fairly large and bushy red tail. However, unlike his fathers and his mother he was blessed with a fairly masculine build. His face is angular with well defined features and a masculine jawline. He stands fairly tall at 6'3" with broad and wide chest and shoulders that taper down into a defined abdominal. Makoto is always well dressed, he shares a love for fashion that most of his family also obsesses over. Both of his cat ears has its fair share of piercings as well as a bar pierced in his right eyebrow and he usually has two rings on each hand at the very least. Makoto also has a bit of bling below the belt if you know what I mean. Overall Mako has always been quite the looker and very lucky with both sexes.

No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on.
Personality: Makoto is what many would call a 'free spirit'. He doesn't often stop to consider consequences and takes many risks that tend to benefit him in the end. He was always the lucky one. In tune with his hedonistic urges he is always filled with great passion. When he is mad he is fuming, and when he is happy -which is quite often- he is practically frolicking. Makoto's also one from dramatics and likes to exaggerate his woes. Overall he is a rather animated person.

  • Art, especially painting
  • Sex. Lots of sex.
  • A belly full of good food
  • And if not food then a belly full of good wine.
  • More sex. How else is he suppose to work off all that food and drink?

  • Prudes
  • Timidness
  • Religion

But in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it?
Element: Fire. Duh.

Explanation & Limits of Gift: Nope

Explanation of Weapon(s): Nope

A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."
Parents: Lupus and Felix Lucero (Fathers) and Senichi Lucero

Siblings: Carmelo Lucero (younger brother)

History: Makoto developed fairly early for an incubus, starting to feed at 13. Not surprising to anyone he did not need help in that area. Not only did his sexuality mature quickly but so did his looks. Everyone knew Makoto was going to be quite the attractive man from a young age. As he grew older he only came into his own more, having many loves and taking many lovers. He's stolen possibly as many hearts as he's taken virginity. He grew into a young man full of vitality and life, filling every moment with dramatics and living life to its fullest. Suffice to say he was quite the handful for the trio. One of his closest friends and lovers that is also an incubus, Demetri, is always right by his side for the bad times and the good times, and damn, there are a lot of good times with Makoto.

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Lucero, Makoto
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